Income Tax Services

Canadian income tax legislation is complex and governs every financial transaction we make. Fortunately, there are many rules that benefit Canadians by reducing and deferring income taxes that are required to be paid. If you are considering a business or financial transaction, conducting family estate planning or simply want to ensure you are maximizing the deductions you are entitled to, we can provide the guidance and expertise you require. We are also skilled in the preparation of Canadian Income Tax Returns and Elections for Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, and Individuals.

Accounting Services

Following proper accounting practices is necessary to evaluate the success of your business, but should be supplemented with detailed financial analysis to ensure your business is generating maximum profits while managing financial risks. By applying proper accounting practices to your bookkeeping records, we will create accurate financial statements that banks, landlords, and other parties require. We also create additional value by teaching clients how to use current financial statements to make informed decisions on future strategic direction.

Advisory Services

Many small and medium sized businesses do not require a full time accountant. We provide "as needed" or part-time financial management services to your business. We also offer advisory services related to the following topics:
• Business start-up and expansion
• Purchasing and selling a business
• Assessing how much your business is worth
• Safeguarding your personal and corporate wealth
• Assessing and mitigating financial and operational risks
• Business planning and financial projections
• Developing strategies for securing financing
• Information technology need analysis
• Planning for receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy
• Developing management controls
• Forensic accounting and litigation support